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Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5 is a software which is used to search for proxies on the Internet. With the help of software Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5, you do not have to take the trouble to look for a proxy, just click the find button, then the proxy list can be found easily. Here are details on the procedures to install and use it: 1. After installation. When you are finished, close the program Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5 (because we will crack first). When it was closed (close) his ProxyFinder program, immediately copy and paste files ProxyFinder.exe located in crack folder to the directory folder where you installed Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5. standard: C: \ ProgramFiles \ ProxyFinderEnterprise. Or if you change it, then install the crack in that folder Done, the installation phase is complete up to here. (Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5 is full version) Let us proceed to phase 2, namely how to use Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5: Run Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5 Click the find button to start looking for proxies. Definitely not so many of his proxy list! not all of the proxy is active, then we have to do is selecting. The trick? checked one by one? hehe ... For we need help selecting a free online tool. Perform the save, to save them into text format (to be in the copy / paste). Open / visit the site Then input the proxy list that we have saved earlier. Format proxy: yyyy (x = IP, y = port). Example: In the time-out, fill in only 5 (his number 20 was replaced aja), on the proxy type select All proxy types. Then click the check proxies. after that your stay replace the proxy that you can last into your browser live in to Earn saga token, look deh free token NB: For proxy that is really active message will appear Proxy is high anonymous (elite) or proxy is anonymous.
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Khutbah Jumat 2011 mengatakan...

Thank's fo the information

Salam ukhuwah
(follow you too for our silaturahim)

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tanks dah follow and nambah silaturokhim :D

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waaahhh thanks banged yaa!

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friend-school : ia sama - sama gan hehehe

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